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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Trial Run of Meebo

We just ran a trial of meebo. Thanks to everyone for catching my Twitter and jumping in! It was so helpful. Here's the log of what went down. There's no moderating ability. There are ads. And I couldn't close the room. Which I'm sure is just my oversight. Hm. I just deleted the room at meebo and the blog entry here. Hopefully that snuffed it out. Right?

Still thinking!

~Lorie Ann


Jackie Parker said...

I miss all the fun stuff.

Marie Hansen said...

oh no! a chat room that won't close, I almost feel like another cupcake is still in there... in limbo...
someone must save her!

Melissa Walker said...

i missed it too. yes, a button-eyed cupcake is stuck!

holly cupala said...

Rats, I missed it - are we still having a test on Tuesday? I have it in my calendar!