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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A new Realm in YA

There's a new girl in town, about to take the graphic novel industry by storm. Readergirlz, check out Realm Lovejoy, author, illustrator, and videogame artist, including for the very cool "Portal" game.

Realm just launched her brand new, shiny website (with the help of our own designista, Little Willow) and blog. Read all about CLAN (hint: three teen clones who have the same body but nothing else in common...) and see her cool art!



Little Willow said...

Thank you, Holly! I hope that everyone likes Realm's new website, and that they check out CLAN!

Melissa Walker said...

This is super cool and exciting. Checking it out now!

Realm Lovejoy said...

Thank you, Holly! I'm honored you posted about the website and Clan! Hope everyone enjoys their visit.

Diana Dang said...

Oh that's really cool! x)

Beth Kephart said...

Very cool! The design, the site, the art (and Holly herself, but of course).

robin_titan said...

wow! it looks incredible!

love your latino playlist btw
I'm a huge fan of mana :) i went to one of their concerts recently...LOVE them!! :) You guys should listen to cafe tacuva's eres it's beautiful!

kurenai-sakura8 said...

YATTA~!!! Taiya chan<3 I am so excited baby<3 Realm chan is gonna take everyone DOWN*~
I am so proud of you(aikawarazu ne)<3 *bucchu~*