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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things to Know About Featured Author Laura Resau

The amazing Laura Resau, author of Red Glass, has shared a few things about herself with us:

On the nightstand: Orange ChapStick, notebook to record dreams, The Hunger Games (amazing book!)

Favorite drink while you write: Hot tea with lots of honey and milk

Pets: Half-corgi-half-lab named Luli. She's short and long and bratty - she gets lots of laughs.

Place to write: My *sweet lil fifties rig* - a cozy silver trailer in my driveway

Dream book tour: How about a series of candlelit readings in remote caves around the world? Getting there would be an adventure for everyone.

Favorite outfit: A très chic strapless silk dress I discovered last summer at a street market in Aix-en-Provence, France. Always looking for excuses to wear it — not easy here in Colorado -- the land of Polarfleece and Tevas.

WOW. I so want to meet Laura's dog, write in her rig and go to her candlelit cave readings (maybe even wearing her strapless dress). You guys? Find out more on readergirlz.com!

1 comment:

Little Willow said...

It sounds like she has a very cozy set up at home, and a lively personality! :)