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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Story Secrets: THE TIMEKEEPER'S MOON by Joni Sensel + Giveaway!

It's pretty exciting to not only welcome the co-regional advisor for SCBWI Western Washington, but also an accomplished fantasy novelist and one of the members of the original Class of 2k7, Joni Sensel!

She's here to chat about her latest, THE TIMEKEEPER'S MOON, companion to FARWALKER'S QUEST. "Joni Sensel writes like a dream," says award-winning author Karen Cushman.

Welcome, Joni!


In THE TIMEKEEPER’S MOON, sequel to THE FARWALKER’S QUEST, Ariel Farwalker follows a strange map and an even more mysterious voice to discover the answer to an unsolved mystery — who sent the telling dart that started her on the Farwalker’s path.

What was it like to write a sequel, and how did you develop the idea of the dart?

As I drafted the last few chapters of QUEST, I realized what the source of the dart must be, and I wanted to write about Ariel’s search for it. Also, in my first tender ideas for the book, I’d envisioned a character who was an older teen girl and a Flame-Mage. But she never showed up in the story! So when I continued Ariel’s adventure in MOON, I focused on the source of the dart and made sure Ariel found Sienna Flame-Mage on the way. I also used my love of things astronomical and stories within stories (expressed in Ariel’s necklace).

Do you have a Story Secret for us?
When it comes to secrets, two things stand out to me about these two books. The first is that secrets are a running issue for Ariel — her story starts off with one, but she’s unable to keep it...

Read the rest and enter the TIMEKEEPER'S MOON giveaway!


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