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Monday, June 21, 2010

June: PAPER TOWNS, Which Cover is True?

John says, "The Paper Towns hardcover was released with two different covers (below). What does each version say about Margo? Do you think either one is 'correct'?"


Beth S. said...

I'm not sure which one is more accurate, but I certainly prefer the one with the yellow background. It's more pleasing to the eye with the contrast of the bright yellow with Margo's dark hair. Plus, her smirk I think is more intriguing than the brooding, emo expression of the other cover. The yellow cover makes me wonder what she's thinking. The other cover makes me say, "What's her problem?"

Heather said...

The funny thing about those two Paper Towns covers (the ones that feature Margo's face) is that I had to choose between them at my local indie. I went in one day and both covers were there, but I didn't have my purse on me. I decided to come back the next day, but I guess someone beat me to it because the next day, the yellow background cover was gone. I stared at the other cover for a good 10 minutes before I left the store without it. I just decided I didn't like the cover as much and didn't want it. I ended up ordering the paperback online instead. So I agree with Beth - the yellow cover is much more appealing (plus I think it helps John Green's name and the title pop against the background).

elfarmy17 said...

While I think both covers have their truth value, I think the sad/scared Margo is more accurate. Aren't we all scared of the world, and of ourselves, and of the future, at heart? Most adults settle into a comfortable routine so it doesn't bother them as much, so it's most noticeable in teenagers, but I think it applies to everyone.

tammara said...

I agree with Beth -- I was thinking, "What's her problem?" on the darker cover; the yellow is much better. I want to imagine characters at least somewhat -- that's part of the fun of reading! Showing partial faces and sides of faces -- or no face is even better (like ROGER AND AMY'S EPIC DETOUR, though it is a hardback edition I'm talking about -- the photo is a partial body shot of each of them holding hands).

tammara said...
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Lorie Ann Grover said...

I really prefer the dark cover. It's much more compelling to me. John, did they ever share with you which one sold more?

Melissa Walker said...

I love that there are two covers! I have the blue one; it just felt more Margo to me.

Melissa Walker said...

(Though I love the idea of having both b/c of her duality!)

Priya said...

I think the blue one fits a lot better, but I like the yellow one more. In the first one, it looks like there's dried blood or dirt or something on the cover, which really turned me off. :P

lanna-lovely said...

I don't think either is "correct"... I think the sad Margo is more true for her, who she is inside and how she feels and happy Margo is who she is for other people most of the time.

Like, both are a part of her but internally sad Margo is more dominant, externally sad Margo is overshadowed by happy Margo.

The blue one is more gritty and depressing and like she's sad and scared and broken, the other one... it doesn't just seem happier, it seems more - posed, with the cleanness of the cover and the brightness, it makes it seem like she was trying to be perfect while faking a smile. But that's just my silly interpretation of the covers. =P

I like the models eyes in the pictures, in the blue one it's like all of her defences are down and she's letting raw emotions show without hiding anything - in the yellow one, even though she's smiling, her eyes are very "I dare you to guess what I'm thinking, try and figure me out"... really mysterious and almost mischievous.

I prefer the blue cover... but when I ordered from Amazon when the book first came out, of course I was sent the other one. Damn. =P

Lauren said...

I definitely agree that the yellow one is more appealing, but honestly I like the blue one better. I LOVE that there are two covers, because it shows what kind of person she is. She's always happy on the outside, yet she has this dark side as well. Sadly, I have the paperback, so I don't have either!

Little Willow said...

I prefer the smirking Margo to sad Margo. I wish the title didn't overlap her face/chin, though.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Lanna, you crack me up. :~)

Anonymous said...

I think the covers go back to the idea of Margo. The dark cover portrays Margo as a window (seeing how she truly feels), while the yellow cover seems to be her mirror, howe everyone else seems to view her. Both the covers are accurate in their inaccuracy - Margo isn't a sad, depressed, "emo" girl, and she isn't a happy up-beat girl, either. She's more of a mix of the two, more complex than either of the covers suggest.

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