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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shout Out: Chelmsford rgz!

When Janet Lee Carey, Justina Chen, and Dia Calhoun and I first sat in a coffee shop in Seattle and discussed the idea of rgz in 2006, we had a vision. Part of that vision was helping librarians across the country begin pods, or clubs, of readergirlz. We would provide everything we could to make those meetings fun.

What a thrill when we hear from a librarian who says he or she has begun a rgz group. Here's a shout out to Tricia with Chelmsford Library. Peek at her recent email. It's so spot on for what we hoped. Thank you, Tricia and rgz! We heart you. :~)

"Since beginning my career as a youth services librarian I have been attempting to start a successful book group. I tried everything: traditional book groups, book swaps, genre meetings, etc. Nothing worked. Then a few months ago I had a mini-epiphany--I should start a readergirlz group!

For over a year I had been reading along with each month's selection and following all the blog posts. I realized that all of those posted discussion questions would be the perfect way to keep teens engaged between meetings. We would have our fun monthly get-together (using play lists
and party ideas from the website) but the participants could also join the discussion online. The promise of author chats provided the icing on an already delicious cake.

And, guess what? It's working! We have a small, dedicated group (that I'm hoping will grow in size over the summer months) of amazing young women who are now proud readergirlz.

Let us know if you've begun a rgz group. You deserve a shout out!

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Little Willow said...

Howdy, Chelmsford readergirlz! Many thanks for taking this literary journey with us. We hope you're having fun discussing Paper Towns this month. I hope you were able to participate in the Twitter chat with John Green last week, and that you'll chime in here at the blog and let us know what you think of this book and of future selections!

Tricia: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Kudos.

jeety said...
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Lorie Ann Grover said...

Welcome, you guys!!! Thanks for hanging out.

Melissa Walker said...

Awesome! Glad you guys are here.

Erin said...

this makes me so happy! yay!

Anonymous said...
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Setia Adi said...
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Abdul Munif Habiby said...
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