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Friday, June 25, 2010

Story Secrets: TELL ME A SECRET + giveaway!

It feels a little funny to be telling my own Story Secrets today, after over twenty YA authors have been spilling theirs since the beginning of 2010. In fact, I'm pretty amazed that the secret is out, after being in my heart for six years!

So I thought I would tell you a bit of the story behind TELL ME A SECRET.

It's been five years since Miranda's sister died in a mysterious and tragic accident. For five years, Miranda has been holding her family together between her suffocating mother and her absentee father - but she longs to escape as Xanda would have. Now, just as Miranda has everything she's hoped for - a ticket to art school, a new friend to unlock her sister's secrets, and a dreamy boyfriend to fly her away - Miranda has a secret, too...one that will destroy everything, and send her on a path to discover her own future.

The idea for TELL ME A SECRET landed in my lap after a painful personal event. Before that, I had been writing stories that didn't delve into what was meaningful to me. Our experience changed everything, and I almost quit - until a friend, Justina Chen (author of NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL), opened a door and asked if I was thinking of writing about it. We were at a conference, and right after that, we went to hear Libba Bray talk about "Shutting off your brain and getting to the heart of your writing." And that's when the story landed.

I just found the notes I madly scribbled in those precious seconds before the idea took flight again, so I thought I would share a few...

Read on for a chance to win TELL ME A SECRET!



Mrs. DeRaps said...

I can't wait to read this book. I was lucky enough to read the first two chapters. Now I'm hooked! Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...
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