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Saturday, June 26, 2010

June: PAPER TOWNS, Reactions

John asks, "Discuss the scene where Q finally finds Margo. How does her reaction to seeing her friends make you feel?"

Follow-up: Have you ever been in a situation where someone reacted to you in an unexpected way? How did that feel?


elfarmy17 said...

It made me feel disappointed and let down. Everything Q and Ben and Radar and Lacey had done was so dedicated and loyal...and then she was just upset that they were there.

lanna-lovely said...

I was disappointed at first, but that faded quickly when I thought about it more... I mean, she probably didn't expect anyone to find her or to care enough to try and she's been leaving clues each time she left and no one figured it out, it probably shocked her that Q did this time.

Plus, I don't think she really wanted them to see her like that - the real Margo, how she was when no one was around - she probably wanted to leave them with their version of her and seeing her that way would've shattered that illusion.

And yes to the second question... it's happened more than once, in different ways, so the feelings were mixed.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

It made me really mad!

I hear what your saying Lanna, but I was still angry.

I love that John didn't patch that up with a sweet ribbon for us. It was left raw and open. Very honest.

Little Willow said...

They had good intentions, but in her mind, they were (at first) bothering her, interrupting her solitude, foiling her plans.

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