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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cover Stories: Kiss It by Erin Downing

Kiss It.jpg
Erin Downing has written a bunch of fun romantic comedies, and now she's edging into a new space. KISS IT, which is out this month, is a story about True Lust. Sign me up!

Here's Erin to talk about how the Cover inspired the story. Crazy, love it.

"The strange thing about KISS IT is that the book's cover image was in place long before a single page of the book had been written. I had just finished writing my third Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy (Drive Me Crazy, below right), and my editor, Anica, and I began talking about what I was going to write next. I was pretty dead-set on getting away from light, 'fluffy' romantic comedies and really wanted to write something totally different from my first few books.
Anica randomly told me there was this image that she and one of Simon Pulse's designers, Cara, had been in love with for a while--but they hadn't found the right book to use it on yet. She thought maybe I would be the writer who would know what to do with it. That seemed a little backward to me, but Anica has a good gut for this kind of thing, and I was really intrigued by what had them gushing about some random stock photo..."

Read the rest of Erin's Cover Story at melissacwalker.com.


Alleged Author said...

I just love the title!

Martha Brockenbrough said...

What a great story--and I always want to read about true lust. It's highly underrated, and at least in the case of many movie actors, I've found true lust can last for life. :-)

Little Willow said...

Hi Erin!

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