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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January Party It Up: A Disreputable Bash!

Planning your own book group/get-together for this book? Here are some party ideas from author E. Lockhart!

Invite: A top-secret invitation that asks you to dress in black and meet in a mysterious location after dark. In an envelope sealed with sealing wax.

Food: Garlic knots. Salad bar! Strawberry Mentos. But mainly salad bar. Frankie campaigns for a half-decent salad bar at her boarding school.

D├ęcor: Stuffed basset hounds. China basset hounds. Basset hound paraphernalia of all kinds.

Movies: The Muppet Movie shows up in the book. The Skulls is a pretty bad movie about a secret society on a college campus. Dead Poets Society.

Craft: Sealing wax and seals! A little history and playing around with them. Alternately, create a secret society - silly or serious. Give it a mission. Give it an amusing name and invent a bit of imaginary history. Create a logo for it. Imagine a prank it would execute.


readergirlz said...

This is a cool party. Most excellent. Mentos and Muppets, baby.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

That was me. :~)

readergirlz said...

I am also way into wax seals!

(This is Melissa!)

Anonymous said...

I would be very happy to spend an evening eating strawberry mentos and watching The Muppet Movie. Or Dead Poets Society, actually.

Unknown said...
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