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Monday, January 25, 2010

Cover Stories: Captivate by Carrie Jones

Last year, Carrie Jones shared her awesome Cover for Need on my blog, and now she's back to talk about the New York Times bestselling sequel, Captivate (Bloomsbury)!

Take it away, Carrie!

"I had no cover ideas -- I am so horrible at that. My publisher didn’t ask for input -- and when I first saw the cover, I sort of passed out because it was so awesome.

"My editor asked if I wanted to make suggestions, but I didn’t want to. I really loved the cover. Except, I wanted to apply a little wax to the girl’s eyebrows. That’s just me though. I’m obsessive...

Read the rest of Carrie's Cover Story, find out about a big Bloomsbury contest and watch the trailer for the book on melissacwalker.com!

PS-A bit of advice from the awesome Carrie Jones, pointed out to me by Little Willow (this rocks): "... you have to follow your dreams. You have to fight for them, scratch out people's eyes for them, but you have to - YOU HAVE TO - go for them, even if it looks impossible. Believe me, I know about impossible and doing everything wrong. I know about crying because you think you suck. I know about feeling like everything you're doing is pointless. But it isn't. Not if you want it. Now go get it, because if I can get it you know - YOU KNOW - you can too." Amen.


Little Willow said...

I like this cover a lot.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Me, too, LW!

Anonymous said...
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