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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Story Secrets: FAITHFUL by Janet Fox + Giveaway!

A warm welcome to my faraway friend and fellow 2K10 debut author, Janet Fox!

Even though Janet and I have not met in person (not yet - but there's BEA right around the corner!), we have become fast friends. And I am very excited to introduce you to FAITHFUL, which releases today! And we have a copy to give away!

Welcome, Janet!


FAITHFUL is my debut novel. It’s YA historical fiction set in 1904, with romance and mystery and a unique setting – Yellowstone National Park. I’m most excited about the way that the setting, with its deadly yet spectacular hot springs, geysers, and animals, acts as a metaphor for the novel and the experiences of my protagonist, Maggie Bennet.

FAITHFUL is such a romantic story, and also a family story. Did it come from life?

My husband and I met and fell in love in the mountains of Montana not far from Yellowstone. Years later, when I began writing and shortly after my mom died, I began to think about what Yellowstone meant to me, and Maggie and her story were born.

Jeff and I were on a hike, and I stopped as said, “What if I wrote….?” And that he let me talk through the first ideas for the story. What a guy. No wonder it’s a romance...

Read the rest and enter the FAITHFUL giveaway!


Janet Fox said...

You guys are so cool to host me here - many hugs!!

Melissa Walker said...

This cover makes me swoon! Look for an email from me, Janet.

holly cupala said...

Thanks for letting me interview you, Janet!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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