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Thursday, May 27, 2010

May: Do you Judge People Too Quickly?

Lisa says, "Maybe hates Willow the first time they meet, but later discovers she's not a total loser. Do you ever judge people too quickly?"


lanna-lovely said...

I think judging people is human nature, everybody does it, even if they deny it or don't realise it.

It's just, some people do it worse than others and are crueller with their judgements and then there are people who judge people but they don't voice their judgements out loud.

I give people a chance to prove me wrong, sometimes they do and sometimes my initial judgements have been right. So I guess I don't judge people too quickly because my judgements aren't set in stone.

Little Willow said...

I don't judge people. I listen to what they say and how they say it, and watch how they stand and move and interact with others, and assess the situation and environment as well, because people sometimes act differently depending where they are and who is there at the time. I pride myself on being open-minded, and also being myself no matter where I am or who else is around. That being said, however, I do trust my instincts. If something seems to be a bad situation, if someone seems untrustworthy or something else to an uncomfortable degree, I get out of there.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Don't we all assess immediately, for our own safety? Is this person a threat? Am I safe?

The key then is to observe how Lanna and LW described. That first assessment might be way off. Actions will reveal the heart.

lanna-lovely said...

"Don't we all assess immediately, for our own safety? Is this person a threat? Am I safe?"

Mhmm, that's kind of what I meant by "judging people is human nature". Everyone does it, even if they don't realise it (even if you meet a guy or a girl you find attractive, you'll judge them based on that subconciously and are more likely to like them).

It's not so much the judging people that matters, because we all do that, it's how we act based on those judgements that matters.

I'm really open minded, open mindedness and judging people aren't mutually exlusive. Some people make judgements and won't be swayed on them and that makes them more close minded but not everyone is like that... like I said in my first comment, if I judge someone then I give them a chance to prove me wrong, if I am disagreeing with someone then I try to understand both sides of the argument and even if someone is doing something that I don't particularly agree with, I don't think any less of them for it.

Lisa Yee said...

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I do. However, I've been wrong and always keep that in mind when going by my first impressions.

bibliogirl said...

I would have to admit that I do judge people too quickly sometimes. However, as lanna-lovely said, it is human nature. Like her, I'm not stubborn in regard to my judgments. People sometimes surprise me.

Melissa Walker said...

I am a judger, I think. But I am definitely ready to be surprised -- I love it, in fact!

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