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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Story Secrets: ABSOLUTELY MAYBE by Lisa Yee

It's a treat to welcome Lisa Yee, author of ABSOLUTELY MAYBE (recently out in paperback) and the featured author this month at readergirlz, to dish on all of her Story Secrets today.

Welcome, Lisa!


How did Maybe come into being?

ABSOLUTELY MAYBE is just out in paperback right now, but it wasn't even supposed to be a book. At least, my editors had never heard of it until I handed it in instead of something else they were expecting. I had a funny middle grade novel under contract called CHARM SCHOOL DROPOUT about a tomboy whose mom wants to make her into a beauty queen.

Only, as I started writing, the story began to morph. The main character went from 12 to 14, to finally 17. The plot changed drastically, too. It got much darker and heavier, albeit, still humorous...

See Peepy hug the book! See Laurie Halse Anderson as Maybe! Read the rest!


Lorie Ann Grover said...

So cool that she allowed the work to morph!

JenFW said...

Any plans to return to the original idea?

And how did your editors feel about the switcheroo?

Melissa Walker said...

Love the switcheroo! I'm curious about how the editors received it, too, JenFW! Lisa?

Lisa Yee said...

Jen, no plans for now to return to the original idea . . . but not ruling it out!

Melissa, my editors, Arthur Levine and Cheryl Klein were shocked at first, but they read the manuscript with open minds, then embraced the novel. (Phew!)

holly cupala said...

Thanks again, Lisa, for spilling your secrets! It was a pleasure to interview you.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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