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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Story Secrets: LOVESTRUCK SUMMER by Melissa Walker!

It wouldn't be summer without chatting with readergirlz diva and author Melissa Walker, author of LOVESTRUCK SUMMER - exactly the book you want to pick up for a lazy August day (especially if that day happens to involve beaches or indie music or charming Austin types or all of the above).

This book is a delight - I even overheard my husband thumbing through a few pages and laughing at Melissa's hilarious depiction of Quinn's romance tribulations. So I'm very pleased to invite Melissa to chat all things Lovestruck and Summery with us today!


Lovestruck Summer is the story of Quinn, an indie rock girl who came out to Austin, Texas for a music internship. She also plans to spend long, lazy days in the sun at outdoor concerts -- and to meet a hot musician or two. Instead, she's stuck rooming with her sorority brainwashed cousin, who now willingly goes by the name 'Party Penny.' Their personalities clash, big time. But Sebastian, a gorgeous DJ, definitely makes up for it. Sebastian has it all: looks, charm, and great taste in music. So why can't Quinn keep her mind off Penny's friend -- cute, All-American Russ with the Texas twang? Two guys + one girl in the live music capital of the world...

Holly Cupala: Melissa, tell us about your inspiration for LOVESTRUCK SUMMER.

Melissa Walker: I went to a wedding in Austin one summer and I loved EVERYTHING about the town! I took notes on all the places we visited, and I knew I had to set a book there one day...

Find out more of Melissa's summery secrets here...

~Holly Cupala


Lorie Ann Grover said...

This is such a great read. Melissa is a master! Looking forward to her next work!

holly cupala said...

I loved it, too, LA! I can't wait for Melissa's next book!