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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Story Secrets: CHANGE OF HEART by Shari Maurer + giveaway!

I am very pleased to welcome Shari Maurer today, who I met at the Class of 2K10 event in New York City during BEA! Even though I'm not part of the class, they enveloped me into their group easily and we went out to dinner to chat books, writing, and New York delicacies. Then Shari kindly drove me home and we had a chance to chat about her beautiful debut novel, CHANGE OF HEART.

Shari has even included a giveaway with this lovely interview, so don't forget to read and comment. Welcome, Shari!


CHANGE OF HEART is about Emmi, an elite 16 year old soccer player who winds up needing a heart transplant and learns about love, loss and true friendship in the process.

Shari Maurer: My husband is a cardiologist who cares for patients waiting for heart transplants. One night he was featured on a Discovery Health program on heart transplants. Also on the show was a young girl waiting for a transplant. I watched as she was wheeled into the operating room, unsure if she would live or die, and was haunted by the look on her face. I couldn't stop thinking about her and thus, Emmi was born...

Find out more of Shari's secrets and enter to win a signed copy of CHANGE OF HEART here!

~Holly Cupala


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Thanks to Shari for sharing her secrets!

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