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Friday, August 20, 2010

Party It Up: Tell Me a Secret

Planning your own book group get-together? Here are some party ideas from the author.

Invite: A handmade flyer with a shadowy bird, bidding you to follow

Décor: Miranda's labyrinth art, mysterious photos, safety-pin fashion

Food: Appetizers from Café Shiraz (Kamran's parents' restaurant!): kebabs, hummus and pita, Mrs. Ziyal’s famous stuffed figs, pomegranates.
Movies: Juno, Speak, anything sci-fi for Kamran

Craft: A double-sided collage to show your outer and inner life


Erin said...

I like the movie recs. :) Speak, especially - excellent film.

holly cupala said...

So fun - I love the pics you added, especially the safety pin cami! I think I ran across that one once when searching for a safety pin dress pic. And poms...luscious. ;)

Anonymous said...
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Setia Adi said...
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