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Friday, October 23, 2009

rgz LIVE! Into Our Beyond with Sylvia Engdahl and Dia Calhoun

Welcome to the GALA Night, our final chat in celebration of Teen Read Week: READ BEYOND REALITY. Tonight, dance the night away under the stars with authors Sylvia Engdahl, the pioneer in sci-fi fantasy for young adults, and Dia Calhoun, Mythopoeic Fantasy Award winner.



The party will go live at the top of the hour! What an amazing night and week. Thanks to every participant! And thank you, especially, Sylvia, for all that you have contributed to the YA literary landscape! rgz hearts you!


Marjolein Reads said...

tryin to get into the chat from the netherlands..yippie..I m awake!

Janet Lee Carey said...

Great chat with two wonderful fantasy/scifi writers. So good to visit with Dia and Sylvia at the same time -- was like a cool time warp to have them both here together.

Thanks readergirlz for all you're doing for Teen Read Week

Melissa Walker said...

A lovely, lovely chat!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad I missed it :-( but love to read what you all talked about! Emma (Twitter) @emjuarez

Sara said...

Enchantress From the Stars was my all time favorite book in high school. I can still remember the exact spot in the library where it was shelved because I would visit it whenever I didn't have it checked out.

Also loved The Far Side of Evil and placed myself in Elana's shoes over and over in my head.

I gave Enchantress to my daughter a few years ago and was ecstatic when she loved it too.

Dia Calhoun said...

Marjolein and Emma are our chat winners for tonight. Please contact readergirlz@gmail.com and put Sylvia Engdahl chat winner in the subject line for more information.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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