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Friday, October 16, 2009

October: Party It Up with The Sweet Far Thing!

Planning your own book group/get-together for The Sweet Far Thing? Here are some party ideas from the fabulous Libba Bray!

Invite: Victorian high tea or London debutante's ball OR an evening in the Realms. The first could have an invitation in calligraphy on cardstock, wrapped in a velvet ribbon. The second could be an evite or webpage with flashy-flash bits so that it looks magical and creepy. (Really, you can be both magical and creepy. I promise.)

Food: Scones, cream tea, cherry punch, finger sandwiches. But not with real fingers.

Décor: Could be fashioned after Felicity's tent at Spence, with dramatic curtains of damask or velvet. Peacock feathers (or homemade peacock wallpaper). A Victorian-style portrait of Eugenia Spence.

Movies: A Room with a View, A Little Princess, Great Expectations, Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Forsyte Saga, Moulin Rouge

Craft: Make personalized fans, ostrich feather “crowns,” your own fortune-telling deck or Order pendants, paint mendhi designs on your hands, illustrate maps for the Winterlands/Borderlands.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Those treats look gorgeous.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

I love these ideas! I'll come!

Little Willow said...

I so wish we could get together for this!

Shelf Elf said...

I want to be at this party.

And yes, LW, this would be an awesome "readergirlz face-to-face" party theme. *wishing*

Kate said...

Damn. I wish I could do this get together. It would be the envy of everyone and just a great time.

And I'm super happy now - the word verification is kateraw

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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