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Friday, July 30, 2010

July: What will happen in Gallagher Girls 5?

Ally asks, "What do you think will happen in Gallagher Girls 5?"


Little Willow said...

So many wonderful things.
Footraces and fisticuffs.


Lorie Ann Grover said...

Great input, LW! And hopefully answers, answers, answers and love!

soccerr95 said...

more zach!!!!!!!!!!

Dahlia said...

LOVE!!! I think Mr Soloman and Cammie's mum are going to fall in love and be open about it!!! I also think that ZACCHH will be in it and CAMMIE AND ZACH WILL BE IN LOOOOOOVEEE!!!!

:) <3



Katie said...

I think Ally did an awesome job on the books of the Gallagher Girls I think she should right more because I mean you just can't kill the whole series now! Right! Please don't Ally! I love those books!

j3$$!c@ said...

i think that cammies dad will be alive and they romance between abby and joe solomen will come bal come back. and htat cammie runns away on her own but on that adventure she runsinto zach and things go on from there finding answeres out together, and either macey, lizzie, and bex will tsail cammie from the beginging, come after her, or convince her to let them go with.(: love the seris hope youu stick to youur word to write six books.

j3$$!c@ said...

i think cammies dad will be alive. and the romance between abby and jo solomen will come back. and cammie will run away, but macey, bex and lizzie either will tail her, come after her or make he let them come with. and on that journey she ll run into zach several times. or something, and find out answeres together. i hope youu stick to youur word about writing six books(: love the seris

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