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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Diva in the News - and an Experiment!

If you're like us here at rgz, then books are your escape, your pleasure, and sometimes even your therapy! Well, the editors at Babble.com agree, as you can read here. Note the quote from our own Holly Cupala!

And a quick note about Monday's Featured Title, Love is the Higher Law: I'm trying something new this week, which is that I want to hear from YOU what your favorite examples of compassion are in David Levithan's moving story. DM or @-reply me on Twitter (@micolz) and I'll work your thoughts into my post.

Let's see how it goes!

And in the meantime, yay, Holly!


Little Willow said...

Go Holly!

There's compassion (and shock, and sympathy, and empathy, and disbelief) in Love is a Higher Law from the beginning. For example, flip through just the first chapter and look at that scene where Marisol grabs Claire's hand.

Melissa Walker said...

Great babble story--great mention, Holly!

Melissa Walker said...

Oh, and I love the Travis show scenes in LITHL... the compassion in a room of strangers. And I just happened to be at that show, too. Extra special!

Unknown said...
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