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Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Community Service Spotlight

Ready to reach out? Join the Young Artists for Peace and Justice!

In their own words: Young Artists for Peace and Justice (YAPJ) is a youth outreach division of Artists for Peace and Justice, founded by Paul Haggis and friends, an organization that has been providing basic healthcare and education in Haiti since 2008, and has most recently opened the first free secondary school for the children of the slums.

Inspired by her experiences in Haiti before and after the earthquake, Olivia Wilde created YAPJ with friend and fellow APJ enthusiast Barbara Burchfield to mobilize America's Generation Y to be a part of a movement to empower youth throughout the developing world with education.

Visit the Young Artists for Peace and Justice website.

Visit the Artists for Peace and Justice website.

Attend or book an event.

Want to get active in your community, but not sure where to start? Check out Yes You Can!: Your Guide to Becoming an Activist by Jane Drake and Ann Love. This awesome book will inspire you to get up, help out, and speak out. Yes You Can! shines the light on some of the world's most famous organizations, such as Greenpeace, as well as groups that may not be as well known but could make just as much of an impact. It details how these groups began and what they do, and why and how the authors themselves have been moved to help change the world.


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I support their noble efforts and hope you will, too!

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