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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Prowlers by Christopher Golden, recommended by Little Willow

After reading October's spotlighted title, Lips Touch by Laini Taylor, you'll probably want to sink your teeth into another shapeshifter story. Run, don't walk, to get the Prowlers novels by Christopher Golden, which we've named recommended reads this month.

In this thrilling four-book series, a young man named Jack has to face the shapeshifters who killed his best friend. The monsters have the ability to change at any time, which, to me, makes them more frightening and deadly than werewolves who may only change when there's a full moon. In addition to their physical strength, they are also incredibly cunning, and they are usually human in appearance. Instead of being mindless killing machines, they are incredibly layered characters who have all of the wonderful and horrible strengths and weaknesses we do when it comes to those we love or things we stand for or against, making them dynamic adversaries for the good guys.

Golden also takes a cool angle on the classic love triangle: the main character, Jack, falls for Molly, who was his best friend's girlfriend. You know, his best friend, Artie, who was killed by the Prowlers. Artie's now a ghost, but he doesn't want Jack to tell anyone that he can see him. Plus Jack's got this awesome older sister, Courtney, and then there's Bill, who...well, you have to read the books to find out!

This series should be read in order.
Laws of Nature
Predator and Prey
Wild Things

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Learn more about the series at the author's website.

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Have a happy Halloween, readergirlz. Please be safe!


Lorie Ann Grover said...

LW hearts her Christopher! :~)

Little Willow said...

He's one of my best friends in the world.

Micol Ostow said...

Thanks for spotlighting these books, LW! I remember when Chris first presented us with the proposal! Love the series!

Little Willow said...

Micol: I'm so glad that the proposal was accepted. These are some of my favorite Golden books. I love the characters, the pacing, the twists - everything. And the final book? That conflict? And the ENDING? Oh, mighty, how mighty good!

Melissa Walker said...

Shapeshifters and monsters and werewolves! Hooray!

Little Willow said...

Melissa: You should read the Prowlers books. Nudge, nudge.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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