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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Louder Than Words, edited by Deborah Reber


Did everyone catch the first 3 books in the Louder Than Words series? Chelsey, Marni, and Emily's memoirs are now in print in one volume! So if you missed them, be sure to check out these nonfiction works written by teen authors, beautifully edited by Deborah Reber.


Then find the next three releases: Rae, Hannah, and Alexis. Peek at the world of severe anxiety, drug addiction, and victimization by an online predator. You will be captivated by the truth as you race from one work to the next. Brava to the girls for their honesty and fine writing, and to Deborah for her tight editing.

Alexis Cover SmallRae Cover SmallHannah Cover Small

You can visit the website for full information and a chance to submit your own story. rgz who write, step up!

Louder Than Words
, The First Collection
HCI Teens, 2010

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Melissa Walker said...

Love these books!

LuxeCouture said...

Interesting, I want to read them now!

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