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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Story Secrets: AVIELLE OF RHIA by rgz co-founder Dia Calhoun!

I'm very excited to get to chat with rgz co-founder and award-winning fantasy author Dia Calhoun today about her YA fantasy novel, AVIELLE OF RHIA!

Dia has the soul of fantasy as well as amazing storytelling skills (plus she always has gorgeous covers, don't you think?). Not to mention AVIELLE is engrossing, moving, and suspenseful fantasy at its best.

Dia is here to tell us about the stories behind her fantasies, writing as a way of working through grief, and her next project.

Welcome, Dia!


Avielle of Rhia is about a princess who overcomes grief and fear after a deadly attack kills her family, and comes into her power as queen by learning to face her fears and love her people.

Dia Calhoun, on the story behind the story:
AVIELLE OF RHIA was directly inspired by the 9/11 and its aftermath. At first the story was too directly tied to 9/11. I had people waving the flags of Rhia and shopping after the attack to stimulate the economy. I had twin towers. All of that had to go, the story took awhile to find its own form and truth...

Read more of Dia's secrets here...

~Holly Cupala


Lorie Ann Grover said...

I am honored to have seen this book from inception. Beautiful, Dia. Brava!

Thanks, Holly!

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