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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rgz Street Team: Olivia reviews Pretty Little Liars #6: Killer, by Sara Shepard

The rgz Street Team is a group of teens who bring YA reviews to our blog, led by Postergirl Miss Erin. Find out more.

Today, Olivia reviews Killer, the sixth book in the Pretty Little Liars series, by Sara Shepard *Spoiler alert: secrets of other books in the series are revealed in this review!*:

"In the sixth installment of the Pretty Little Liars series: Killer, relationships are strained and nothing is as it seems in picturesque Rosewood, Pennsylvania. The nightmare continues for high school juniors Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily, after their best friend Alison DiLaurentis was found murdered in her own backyard years after she went missing at the end of the seventh grade. Spencer's sister's boyfriend, Ian, is arrested for the murder after evidence is found that links him to a clandestine meeting in the woods with Ali the night that she died. At first, Rosewood considers the tragic case closed. But after Ian mysteriously disappears before his trial after somehow escaping his house arrest and telling Spencer that he's innocent, the girls don't know what to think- especially after finding his dead body in the woods, which later disappears before the police can find it at the end of the fifth novel, Wicked.

"But the secrets behind Ali's death aren't the only things haunting them. 'New A,' the mystery person who seems to know all their secrets, is still sending the girls threatening text messages: even though they thought they were done with A when Hanna's former best friend and the 'original A,' Mona Vanderwaal, is killed at the end of book four, Unbelievable, when she falls off a cliff into Floating Man's Quarry. This new A, however, might actually be helping the girls piece together the puzzle- seeing as she keeps sending them cryptic clues and pictures that relate to Ali and her murder.

"Meanwhile, Aria has decided to move in with her father and his now-pregnant girlfriend, Meredith. Even when they transition to a house frighteningly close to the woods where Ali died, Aria decides that it's better than staying with her mother, Ella and having to deal with Ella's new boyfriend, Xavier, who seems to be interested in her. After running into Ali's older brother Jason, she starts spending more time with him- though judging by her messages, A believes this is a perilous mistake.

"Spencer is busy making her own mistakes after she believes she is adopted and agrees to meet with her possible birth mother, Olivia. After immediately connecting with her young, stylish, look-alike in New York City, Spencer is all too ready to move into the city to be with her- ignoring A's advice to stay away from Olivia or else.

"Hanna is still locked in a power struggle to be Rosewood's queen bee with her stepsister, Kate, who moved to Rosewood in Wicked to be closer to Hanna's dad. Newly single and bitter that Kate has won over her father's heart, Hanna fights Kate for the affections of a not-so-unsuspecting Rosewood Day boy- with surprising results.

"Emily is also having some boy trouble with her new boyfriend, Issac. She's been nothing but nice to his mother, who is sending hardly subtle messages telling Emily to stay away from her son. At first, she dismisses her fears as ridiculous, but when she finds a picture of her and Issac in which Emily's head is cut out, she has to decide between letting Issac go or telling him the truth.

"Killer is focused on the girls' futile attempts to resume their normal lives while getting sucked deeper into the mystery of Ali's death and coming closer and closer to finding the real killer. With the captivating plot twists and cliffhanger that have now become typical for the series, Killer is a good read for any young adult mystery lovers--or anyone who wants a variation from the typical private school clique story with a little more weight."


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