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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

rgz Mail Call: Mexia High and Operation TBD!

After librarian Kathy Morgan from Mexia, Texas saw some of our Divas speak at TLA, she felt inspired to encourage her high schoolers to read, reflect and reach out. "I returned to our school library fired up and ready help our students step outside their comfort zone and grow as readers and as members of a larger community," she wrote in an email to Diva Justina.

Though they missed the actual Book Drop date, Mexia High hosted an alternative event called Jammin' in the Library. Students recited their original poetry and solo and ensemble musicians performed their selections before a live audience of parents and friends. All donations will benefit the TBD project.

"Our program is the talk of the school!" says Kathy. "To say that it was a hit would be an understatement. Students are asking when we will do this again and parents are applauding our efforts to promote an outreach program such as TBD."

We at readergirlz just want to say THANK YOU, Kathy and Mexia High School!! Way to participate in your own unique fashion. You rock.


susan said...

Kudos to readergirlsz for inspiring this kind of action and bigtime shout out to Mexia High for taking action.

Little Willow said...

BIG thanks to Kathy and her students for supporting TBD! Jammin' in the Library sounds like a fun event. I hope that you'll join our future book discussions - I'd love to hear that real-life book club that takes part in readergirlz regularly!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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