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Friday, April 10, 2009

April: Has love surprised you?

Our April Feature

In a surprising twist, Tony and Vanessa fall in love. Has love ever surprised you? Tell us, rgz! We are ready for some good love stories! Can't wait to hear from Ellen, also. :~)


Shelf Elf said...

Yep - it sure has.

After having been in a relationship for a long time (longer than a lot of marriages last these days), I often wonder if I'll ever stop wanting to spend time with him, or if he'll stop being such an interesting person, someone I love having conversations with and hanging around with and listening to. I'm thinking and hoping that I will never reach that point when I feel like it stops being interesting.

I guess love has surprised me in the way that it sticks around, and grows and lasts, feeling just as strong and present after years and years as it did at first.

Marie said...

Shelf Elf... that is *so* amazing & sweet.

When I was 16 years old I met the perfect person for me... but then he moved away. Far, far away. Years later when I was a senior in college, he called my radio show and asked me on a date. We have been together ever since!
And to think I thought I would never see him again!

Iryna said...

I'm not yet old enough to have experience in the "relationship love" section BUT love has surprised me in the "yogurt love" area. Oh yogurt! Whatever would I do without you?!

Shelly B said...

Actually, it has! I was in a relationship when I started a new job, Jan. 1997. One day in February, I walked out of my office, into the main office where the other girls worked, to ask one of them a question. Standing at the window, picking up his paycheck was a man I'd never seen before. He had on a black cowboy hat and sunglasses. When I walked in, he looked up and I completely lost my train of thought, couldn't remember what I had come in there for and had to leave the room.

That man is now my husband. After that day, we started talking, having lunch together, etc, and the rest is history. The guy I was seeing got transferred to Dallas and I didn't want to go with him. I am so glad I stayed.

Melissa Walker said...

cupcakewitch, why do i not know this story??!

oh, love is always surprising me. i feel for the guy who fell through the roof of an abandoned building next door to my apt on my 25th birthday party. he spent two days in the hospital, and i helped him heal. who knew?

Lorie Ann Grover said...

I'll tell you how love has surprised me! My daughters! How forgiving of my errors and weaknesses. Their love is so constant!

And then there's my hubbers. How did I fall for a blond, blue-eyed fella that is still jamming on guitar? (right this very second, in fact) I always thought he'd be tall and dark haired. Nope. 24 years later I'm still loving that dude.

Love is almost always surprising!

Justina Chen said...

oh! i feel like it's valentine's day all over again with these wonderful stories of love.

Cupcake Witch: that's incredible. It should be a rom com movie!

Everyone else: how sweet your stories are.


Ellen Hopkins said...

When I met my husband, John, I was actually dating someone else. He was very quiet and brooding. Tall, dark and extremely handsome, but (looking back), not the most fun person around. I had my own business then, and John came in to try and sell me radio advertising. (I had already turned down two other salesmen.)

One look, and I knew this was the guy for me, and yes, it definitely surprised me. He had another relationship, too, but within ten minutes we had each other laughing. Yes, I bought a couple of inexpensive radio spots. Yes, we both had to eventually decide to take a chance on each other and let the other relationships go.

We're still together, 25 years later, so I guess that one surprising moment was worth paying attention to.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Lovely story, Ellen!

Dia Calhoun said...

Yes, love has surprised me. I have experienced, once, love at first sight, and I married him.

holly cupala said...

Yes! I met my husband at an 80's costume party (!), where I went with a group. They all paired off, and I was left alone on the deck overlooking Lake Washington and the Space Needle and thinking, "I'm alone...and it's ok." Seconds later, a cute East Indian guy wearing a total 80's outfit - pink Oxford, Bugle Boy jeans, and a white sweater tied around his neck, came up to me and asked if I was having a good time.

We ended up talking the entire night--and at one point were reminiscing about our favorite 80's song, New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle, and it started playing. Well, of course we had to dance.

At the end, when they were getting everyone out (it was a huge, crazy party), we were just grinning at each other. He asked for my phone number. I knew I wanted to have him in my life (though I didn't quite know yet that it would be romantically).

So yeah, I was shocked when, a few weeks later, he made dinner for me, and as he sat down at the table, I couldn't look him in the eye because I was trembling, realizing, oh my gosh, I'm totally in love with him.

So we've been attached at the hip ever since.

Unknown said...
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