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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TBD Wish List is LIVE!

*squeeeee* You guys are doing GREAT! Over 100 books purchased at the TBD Wish List in 24 hours! You have Guys Lit Wire running around over there. Way to go, ladies! The books are dropping on Ojo Encino and Alchesay High School, adding to their tribal school libraries.


Colleen has constructed amazing lists and a beautiful post at Guys Lit Wire, so be sure to check it out if you haven't yet. Here are the photos she chose to share from American Youth. Beautiful.

And here are her speedy instructions for purchase:

"First, hit the Powells site and on the upper right click on "wish list". From there you will be prompted for the email address of the list owner. Type in "guyslitwire@gmail.com". You will then be given the choice to select either Ojo Encino or Alchesay. Once you are looking at the lists (which contain hundreds of titles) you can make your selection of a new, used, or sale copy. After your done and ready to make your purchase you will be asked to confirm that you are buying books for a certain wishlist. Checking those boxes will keep the lists up to date and prevent books from appearing as unsold even after they were purchased. Now all you have to do is enter the mailing addresses, and here they are:

Mary Nickless
Ojo Encino Day School Librarian
HCR 79 Box 7
Cuba, NM 87013
(505) 731-2333

Marilyn Hill
Alchesay High School
200 Falcon Way
Whiteriver, AZ 85941

So there you go. Read, reflect, and reach out for TBD 2010, rgz!

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Little Willow said...

To everyone who contributed, donated, and shared: THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...
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