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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cover Stories: Mexican High by Liza Monroy, Part 2: The Paperback

Last week, Liza told the tale of her hardcover design. Today, she's here to share what went on behind the scenes of the paperback!

"The paperback, which came out this month, took a different direction. Again, the first one I saw (left), I hated -- that miniskirt! That disembodied-girl flying over a city that might not even be in Mexico! And again, my wonderful publishers were willing to listen. My favorite cover of all was born: the milagros remained, but instead of a torso, it has a quarter of a beautiful, pensive face with a thoughtful look in her eye -- I could see this as Mila, with dyed hair. Now, I love the cover and am proud of the way it looks:


"But, the funny thing is, even though both the hardcover and paperback are out, I still continue to play around with imagery in my head! In the end, my ultimate vision for the Mexican High cover that will never exist is this: an off-white, unfinished, texured paper background, with a colorful, embossed Virgen de Guadalupe in the center, and cursive, lowercase text for the title above it. The Virgen de Guadalupe might be Mexico's most iconic image, and if I ever write another book set in Mexico, maybe I'll get to use it!"

I thought the hardcover was cool, but I adore the paperback cover. Just the right lightness and magic. (And that first version--eek, glad it wasn't chosen.) What do you guys think?

PS-Alea has the Hardcover vs. Paperback post on her blog!


陳石薇 said...
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Danaye said...

I like your idea about using the Virgen de Guadalupe on the cover of the book. What would have been really eye-catching, I think, would be to have had Mila standing in a pose similar to the Virgin, with that same pensive look you love so much on the paperback cover. Now I think THAT would have been a conversation starter. :)

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