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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Story Secrets: JUST DON'T FALL by Josh Sundquist + Giveaway!

This is actually a little bit of a departure from the usual Story Secrets - not because it's a "guy" book (we've had Swati Avasthi's SPLIT, Allan Stratton's BORDERLINE) or even because it's a video response (watch Sara Zarr talk about ONCE WAS LOST!) - but because this is the first non-fiction book to be featured.

As a memoirist and inspirational speaker, Josh Sundquist is in the business of telling his own secrets - and he does so with wit, charm, and I daresay a a huge dose of inspiration. Plus he's a really nice guy and didn't mangle my last name. :)

Josh is here to talk about his debut book, JUST DON'T FALL: HOW I GREW UP, CONQUERED ILLNESS, AND MADE IT DOWN THE MOUNTAIN. Welcome, Josh!

Visit my blog for a chance to win a copy of JUST DON'T FALL!


Lorie Ann Grover said...

Josh's work sounds so compelling. Thanks, Holly, for sharing. Loved the video!

Anonymous said...
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Abdul Munif Habiby said...
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