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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TBD Wish List Final Hours, 2010


Colleen is winding down the TBD Wish Lists over at Guys Lit Wire. Check out her amazing post about the tribal schools receiving their shipments. Over 600 books have been purchased! Here's what she said after chatting with the librarians:

"No one expected so many books, not one of them thought so many people could be so generous to children they never met and would likely never know. It just all seemed too good to be true.

How awesome is it that you could prove them wrong in such a lovely way."

There may still be time to jump in and make a difference yourself if you haven't yet. Bravo!

PS. Neil Gaiman just tweeted the TBD Wish List AGAIN (Wednesday), so Colleen is leaving the lists up until Friday. Go, rgz, go!!!

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Colleen said...

We've crossed over 700 books, Lorie Ann! I'm leaving the lists up thru Friday as Neil Gaiman tweeted on us again today (he's awesome). There are still some books to be bought!

Melissa Walker said...

I think I got my donation in under the wire! Thanks for the reminder!!

Lorie Ann Grover said...

YAY!!! I'll amend the post. :~)

Woot, for Melissa!

Little Willow said...

So, so wonderful. Wow, Colleen. Thank you so much! :)

To each and every person who donated:

Thanks to Neil Gaiman for tweeting about it as well.

Anonymous said...
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Abdul Munif Habiby said...
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