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Friday, April 30, 2010

April: Round Up of Discussions

Just in case you missed any of the great discussion with Deb, check out these links and drop your comment!

rgz Newsflash
Welcome, Deb!
Things to Know About Deb
Thank you!

Discussion questions

What makes a choice good?
Chemistry in Love
Have you been "in" love?
Is love hard work?
Bad Boy Allure
The Guy Warning Signs List
Do you give away moments?
Do you listen to second thoughts?
Repairing someone else's wrong
Waiting for 100%


Patty said...

I want to simply say that I love the books you discuss on this blog and please count this as an entry to win Lisa Yee's new book...

JenFW said...

I was out of the loop this month. The discussion roundup makes it easy to go back and read through the different posts all at once. Thanks for providing it.