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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April: Repairing Someone Else's Wrong

Featured author Deb Caletti says, "Quinn and her sisters return the objects in part to undo their father's wrong. Have you ever wanted to repair another person's wrong? Were the sisters successful? What else did they achieve?"


Little Willow said...

I think they were successful in reuniting many people with their personal objects, but that their biggest success and happiness was finding each other, coming together as sisters (that relationship, they can thank their father for, at least) and really bonding.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

I always, always run around trying to repair others' bumps. Maybe that makes a good project manager?

Anyway, yes, their lives were enriched, and missing pieces were found for closure.

Well said, LW!

Melissa Walker said...

Repairing someone else's wrong is a hard thing, and I think easing someone else's wrong is more apt in emotional matters. Their journey brought the characters so much closeness and wisdom, though, that the quest became much more than repairing their dad's wrongs, as LW says. Yay!