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Saturday, May 9, 2009

May: Special clothes or jewelry that make a difference

Our May Feature

Sophie's new white dress and coconut jewelry make her feel like a different person. Do you have any special clothes or jewelry that make you feel different somehow?


Unknown said...

Sure I have clothes that makes me feel diffrent and like I am on the top of the world; mine is my black tight jeans which makes me so comfortable from the inside and makes me looks perfect on the othe side.

Also my Victorian Black ring makes me ready to go.

Melissa Walker said...

I have a vintage lace dress from the 20s that my grandmother wore on a night cruise in Spain when she was 19. I put it on, and I feel like I become her. It fills me with nostalgia.

Little Willow said...

Indeed. I have certain articles of clothing that remind me of certain events or people, or that I'll wear for different things.

Costumes can transform people. They change how you stand, how you carry yourself, how you walk - Costumes help make you into the character you are portraying.

Melissa: That dress sounds lovely in terms of both looks (I love 20s fashion) and meaning. :)

Princess Neve: Your icon reminds me of the Childlike Empress in The NeverEnding Story.

Erin said...

Oh yeah....a certain dress makes me feel particularly grownup, sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt make me feel all cozy...everything makes me feel a certain way. But I'm most comfortable in plain old jeans a t-shirt. :)

Justina Chen said...

My red boots make me feel powerful, and my hiking boots connect me to the earth.

I'd love to see Princess Neve's Victorian Black ring and Melissa's lace dress.

Laura Resau said...

Over the years, at second-hand stores, I've found some gems-of-clothes that make me feel confident and somewhat intriguing (even if I'm wearing them to the grocery store...)

My favorite is a vintage suede poncho (from the sixties?) with faux fur around the edges. I've worn it every winter for years now, and miraculously, it never seems to get dirty-- which is amazing since the fur is white!

The poncho-- like many vintage clothes I love-- seems to carry some magic of the other women who have worn it in the past...

Melissa, the lace dress sounds amazing-- evocative of Mediterranean nights... so lovely!

And Princess Neve, I can imagine the transformative power of the black ring and jeans!

Justina-- I agree, boots make me feel happy and strong, too... that's pretty much what I wore all winter. I even wore my boots to the gym (although I did take them off to do my NIA dance class in bare feet...)

Lorie Ann Grover said...

I shop second hand, Laura! And I love the thought of the magic of the women who wore the clothes before me. Thank you for that concept!

I love my white Doc Martin boots. They totally hold me up when I need to speak.

I have Puma tennies with ankle laces that remind me I have a ballerina heart.

And I have these funky support rings I have to wear for rheumatoid arthritis. The rings remind me to be careful, but also help me feel stronger.

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Unknown said...
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