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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Family: Jackie Parker

I think I might be a little confused when it comes to what the idea of family is. I have blood family and friend family. I have Washington family and Michigan family - and family in between. I have online family and real life family. I have so many different circles of family that surely I must be mistaken, as how can one person be that lucky? Ultimately, family to me are those who nourishes my body, mind and soul. Family are those who comfort me, who I turn to, who I trust. Family are those who help make my life balanced, thoughtful, honest, and fun. I don't need church or state or my neighbor down the block to tell me who makes up my family - my heart knows all on its own.

- Jackie Parker

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Melissa Walker said...

Lovely, Jackie!

Teresa Burrell, Author, Attorney, Advocate said...

I agree...family are those who show the love. I have many families as well, but my genetic family is pretty special all by itself. I blogged about them just a week or so ago. I'm posting an A to Z blog with T (that's me) and Family was my "F" word. http://www.teresaburrell.blogspot.com

Shelf Elf said...

Jackie, I so agree with you that your family doesn't have to be made up only of blood relatives. Who would I want to gather round me in a tough time? It's those people who are my family.

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