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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yay for the Blatant Bibliophiles!

Ruth Fleet, media specialist extraordinaire over at Creekview High School in Canton, GA sent us this photo of her awesome Blatant Bibliophiles Book Club, plus the following note:

"Our Blatant Bibliophile Book Club participated in Operation Teen Book Drop by collecting books to help create a new library for teens and children at the Family Violence Center in Canton, Georgia. Our students and teachers collected over 500 books during the two weeks before Teen Literature Day. This drive was inspired by one of our students, a non-member, Meghan (left), who is a volunteer at the center. Another non-member, Falyn (right, with Josh), donated over 200 of the books!

I’m attaching pictures of some of our teens, including Paul (left) who donated 69 books, and Marlize (right) who donated 50 books. We even had donations from readergirlz diva Melissa Walker! Thanks, divas, for inspiring us to help teens and their families in need."

We are cheering you on, Ms. Fleet and the fantastic students and community members who donated to this great cause. You guys all RULE!


Little Willow said...

Dear Blatant Bibliophiles Book Club:I am so impressed (and so grateful!) for your participation in Operation TBD that a simple "thank you" just doesn't cut it! I'll say it again anyway - Thank you, thank you, thank you! WOW to your generous donations.

I hope your club will read along with us, even over the summer, and discuss our book picks.

Ruth Fleet said...

Thanks Melissa, readergirlz, and Little Willow. Our kids will be thrilled over the post. They were so excited about helping, and Meghan and her mom were so grateful for our school's generosity to their cause.

Melissa Walker said...

You guys are truly awesome!

Unknown said...

So cool! Congratulations to everyone in the community on such a spirited donation!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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