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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cover Stories: The Zombie Queen of Newbury High by Amanda Ashby

zombie.jpg This is Amanda Ashby's second Cover Story (read the story behind You Had Me at Halo here), and we're happy to have her talk about the striking cover for her latest release, The Zombie Queen of Newbury High:

"I didn't even think about the cover while I was writing this book--firstly because it wasn't contracted so my main concern was to get it finished (without getting eaten by zombies) and then hope that my agent might be able to sell it (and yay--she did!). The other reason is that I'm really not a very visual person so it's never been part of my process to think about what the finished product might look like.

"My editor told me that even though the book was quite light and humorous they wanted to go for a slightly darker cover, which I was totally up for! The only idea I had was a girl sitting in a frothy/tulle sort of prom dress, with loads of zombie arms trying to grab at her legs. I still think that might've been cute but I much prefer the way it turned it out.

"I don't know how they put the photo together though I did see that the designer, Jeanine Henderson is up on Jacketflap. Here are a few of her other cover designs:

jane.jpg paris%20pan.jpg wishes.jpg

"When I first saw my cover, words failed me--that's how much I loved it. And every second I would look at a different part and decide that was my favorite bit. The wilted corsage. The lacy gloves. The black nail polish. The amazing dress (which by the way, I actually wrote into the story. At first Mia wasn't too happy at having to lose her gorgeous blue silk dress but as soon as she tried the new one, she was cool!).

"However, I think my absolute favorite part is the B-grade zombie movie font that was used on the sash. The whole reason I wanted to write a zombie movie was because every time I even said the word I thought of all the old zombie horror movies that my husband had made me watch. So to me that really captured the essence of the idea (not that the designer had any idea of this of course, but it's still cool!)"

I have to say, I LOVE the dark, goth style corsage that Mia has on. What do you guys think of this cover?


Silvia said...

I love this cover, it is really nice and I think it fits the book perfectly.

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