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Rock the Drop, 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thank you, Libba Bray!

Here's a big GRACIAS to the incredible Libba Bray for joining us at readergirlz this month! Things we learned about Libba include:

1. She can compose a fierce Post of Awesome, complete with moisturizer tips.
2. She finds wonder in "almost everything."
3. She'd like to play guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughn and drum like Dave Grohl.

Well, at least she can write like... Libba Bray! After you finish the Gemma Doyle trilogy, check out Going Bovine, her latest novel. Libba bills it as "the feel-good-mad-cow-disease/string-theory-book-of-fall." Yes!

Thank you, Libba!


Lorie Ann Grover said...

I heart Libba. So glad she's joined our rgz Circle of Stars!

Libba Bray said...

No, thank YOU, stupdendous ladies of readergirlz for a rockin' good time. I heart you back. Not to be confused with I heart your back. Which would be confusing. And might make your front feel left out. For the record, I heart all of you.

Keep on being fabulous.

Your fan,

Vivian said...

Thank you, Libba! I'm so glad I had a chance to meet you at the book signing. You totally rock.

Dia Calhoun said...

October rocked, Libba, thanks to you! I still want to know what happens to Gemma in NYC...

Little Willow said...

Thank you, Libba, for hanging out with us all month. :) Stick around!

Lorie Ann Grover said...

And she ends the month making me crack up...