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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Julian Game: Ever Had a Toxic "Friend"?

Our Featured Title is The Julian Game by Adele Griffin, and she gave us a fantastic post on risk-taking in writing on Monday. (Key quote: "Fear the risk, then risk it, anyway—and land that story with plenty of punch, no apologies, and no regrets.")

In The Julian Game, which packs plenty of punch, Raye is seduced into a revenge scheme by the queen bee of the school.

Have you ever had a friend who talked you into doing things you knew weren't right? How did you deal with it?


Lorie Ann Grover said...

I haven't, but boy when these folks cross your path, you can feel the pull of the temptation. It's palpable, right?

Melissa Walker said...

I definitely have had toxic friends, mainly in terms of gossiping. Gossiping seems fun and harmless, but it actually can be sooo damaging. Now I try really hard to assess how I feel around people and choose my close friends very carefully.

adelegriffin said...

My daughter is 3.5 and already has a semi-toxic "friend" whose odd, commandeering character keeps a lot of the preK enthralled. I am always somewhat stunned by what I would call "pre-bullying" behavior. it starts young, yeesh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I had a toxic frenemy who came in the form of a flatmate from hell a few years ago. Besides making my life hell under my own roof and taking pot shots out of me for no reason, she would even try to force me to do things I know it would go against what I stand for or endanger myself. Thank goodness, being tenacious, stubborn little ol' me stood my ground which eventually led to her throwing tantrums when she didn't get her way and even taking more pot shots out of me. This kind of frenemy is so not worth keeping in touch with when you know how toxic she can get (it has been few years since I chose to move on and end it for my sanity's and well being's sake rather than carry on and let her push me around anymore). Recently, I heard that she is doing the same to others who cross her path.

Anonymous said...
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