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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cover Stories: A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

kiss in time hc.jpg
Alex Flinn, who shared the Cover Story for Beastly on Tuesday, is back to talk about another of her retold fairytale covers, A Kiss in Time, based on Sleeping Beauty. Here's Alex:

"I don't think I had much input for the Kiss in Time hardcover. I was pleased with the color scheme and general look, but I thought it was a bit bland. I've seen other covers by this designer, such as Fairest (below right) and Princess Ben, and they always have a little something more to them than just a girl in a pretty dress. It was obvious that the cover was 'set' when I saw it. It was a photograph, and they'd spent weeks going through dozens of photos to find the perfect one -- it was shot specifically for the book. I liked the colors and the font.

fairest cover.jpg
"The girl does look like Talia in my book, and the dress is important in the story and is as I portrayed it, the same color as the girl's eyes. But I was a bit disappointed that you couldn't tell it was Sleeping Beauty, as you can easily tell that Fairest is Snow White. That said, it has been a successful hardcover. I do think the cover art has caused it to be mostly overlooked by the young-adult library community, because it makes it look like a younger book. However, bookstore sales have made up for that. It is so pretty that you want to pick it up...."

Read the rest of Alex's Cover Story, and see the very different paperback cover, at melissacwalker.com.


мєggσ! said...

The only book I've read by Alex Flinn was beastly. I really loved that book.
I hope the movie doesn't ruin it!

Anonymous said...
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