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Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon Frenzy: rgz RAVE Reminder and Give-Away

New Moon chat at readergirlz on November 21st

Get ready to squeee, ladies! rgz is giving away this beautiful necklace made by Gypsy Wings during the rgz RAVE on the 21st. And despite the gorgeousness of this, guess what it's made of? Here's what Gypsy says:

"It is a sea stone from First Beach (the beach setting of the Twilight works), paired with a starfish charm and a little amber colored glass bead. There is a Swarovski crystal on the starfish."

I want this! *sigh* But alas and alack, it will go to the tenth comment during the RAVE. (rolling forward in the count if it falls on rgz staff.)


It's a beauty! See you Saturday. Enjoy the premiere, rgz!

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Lorie Ann Grover said...

I'm off to see the movie NOW! Before everyone gets out of class. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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