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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Story Secrets: WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE by Caridad Ferrer + giveaway!

I've known of Barbara Caridad Ferrer (well-published author of teen and adult lit, known as Barb to her friends) in teenlit circles for a while now, so I was very excited when I found out she was moving Seattle - even better to meet her in person and find out she really is as saucy and generous and funny as you would expect her to be!

I'm very pleased to welcome her today to Story Secrets to spill some secrets about her latest YA novel, WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE. Plus she has promised a signed book to one US winner (see details below).

Welcome, Caridad!


WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE a contemporary reimagining of Bizet's CARMEN, where a career army officer falls in love with a sultry gypsy and gives up everything for her, only to be overthrown for the flamboyant bullfighter. My version is set against the world of drum and bugle corps, where my army officer becomes a disciplined musician, my gyspy is a talented dancer and my bullfighter is a cocky soccer player from Spain. (Read an excerpt here.)

Holly Cupala: music, dancing, bullfighting...STARS has everything! How did the idea strike you?

Caridad Ferrer:
One the original story has everything that makes for a great story-- drama, passion, intrigue, a love triangle, betrayals-- plus I'd always wanted to set a story against the world of competitive drum and bugle corps, since it was an activity I was extremely involved in, as an adolescent.

Holly: I've been hearing a lot about this book's unusual trip to the shelves. Will you tell us about it?

This book had a pretty twisting journey...

Read more of Caridad's secrets and enter to win WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE here!

~Holly Cupala


Karen S. Scott said...

sounds like a great story! I'd love to enter in the drawing for a copy. Thanks!

Melissa Walker said...

I looove this cover so much. First saw it when I was in Spain last spring--good timing!

Little Willow said...

Hi Caridad! Keep on dancing. :)