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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cover Stories: Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti

Susane Colasanti's May release, Waiting For You, has lots of love, angst and the perfect pop culture references. It's also got a great cover. Here she is with the story behind that:

"My vision for the cover of Waiting for You was actually a lot like the final product! I have an excellent cover designer who is able to reflect the tone of my story with amazing accuracy.

"As with the When It Happens and Take Me There covers, a stock photo was used. I'm psyched it was out there. When I first saw the cover, I was so excited! I was on the phone with my editor at the time and could not shut up about it. I love everything about the cover - the characters, the water, the fonts, the colors. The hues are so peaceful. It was a very Zen experience.

"My contract states that I get to be consulted about the cover once a mock-up is complete. I actually had no suggestions to improve this cover at all because I am in love with it so much.

"With When It Happens, there were three cover mock-ups. I liked the tree version the best. It was great that I was able to provide feedback, most of which the art department incorporated. Originally, Tobey was wearing white sneakers. I explained that Tobey would never, ever wear white sneakers and suggested that he wear black Converse. I was really happy that the change was made.

"The Take Me There cover was designed by Sam Kim, who designed the Waiting for You cover. I think this cover rocks. I love the natural light coming through that huge window, and how the characters are talking behind stacks of books. The original version of the cover had a square around the title instead of a rectangle.
Barnes & Noble wanted the font sizes on the cover to be a bit larger, so the rectangle change was made after their input. The only change I suggested was that the box around the title be removed. This was not implemented for the hardcover edition, but I'm stoked that the paperback edition will just have the title against the windows without the box.

"As for my newest cover, I think the it captures the feeling of my book perfectly. We see a boy and a girl on a dock. The story takes place in a small boating community and these two characters have a history of playing together on their dock. As they grow up, the nature and significance of their interactions on the dock change. When I look at this cover, I can sense their waiting, wanting, and longing.

"Please let everyone know how they can connect with me. I love hearing from readers!"

You heard Susane! You can find her on her website, blog, facebook, myspace or twitter.

Personally, I love the cover of Waiting For You, and I think it's very Dawson's, which rules in my book. I also like the paperback version of Take Me There, without the rectangle. Maybe they were trying to make the square look like the circle on the cover of When It Happens, like a Susane signature, but I think all of these covers' signature is their light, airy feel (with a blue sky or natural light behind them). Anyway, the paperback version just looks more simple to me. I'm into simplicity. (I also love hearing how B&N again affected a cover... the stories multiply! Interesting.)

What do you guys think?


Lorie Ann Grover said...

It scares me that B&N has soooo much input. Seriously.

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