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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amber Kizer's MERIDIAN Release Party!

Greetings, Readergirlz! I'm writing to you on a gorgeously sunny Seattle day (odd for fall!), fresh from last night's big party at Barnes & Noble Alderwood. It was Amber Kizer's night to celebrate her latest release, Meridian!

Amber's party was also a benefit for South Whidbey
Schools Foundation to support the education of kids and teens on the gorgeous island Amber calls home.

Here's Amber with her mom, Rachel, an amazing teacher in the South Whidbey system.

The party was full of excitement: musical performances from South Whidbey students, an art show with work from elementary through high school levels, a chance to buy wish-list books for teachers.

There was a very special visitor for the younger kids:

Amber with her pal Corduroy!

The decorations were amazing. Meridian-themed angel wings hung everywhere, an amazing archway was decorated in the cover's red and black theme with twinkle lights.

Amber supplied plenty of things to do, too, like makinig bookmarks and other goodies out of beads, and getting "tattooed" with an array of temporary tats,
including some featuring the cover of Meridian!

Check out the eats:

Before Meridian discovers the full nature of her special abilities, all she knows is that animals often die around her. Note the roadkill candy!

It was soon time for Amber to read, and she treated us to the tantalizing prologue, where we meet Meridian Sozu.

During Q&A, Amber shared the inspiration for the book: What if the light people see while they're dying . . . was a girl?

She also told us that "Fenestra," the word she uses for such a girl, comes from the Latin word meaning "window". As in a window between this world and the next.
Amber signed books, of course.

And I took my now-traditional pic with the author!

Teachers: if you'll be at the NCTE/ALAN conference this fall in Philadelphia, Amber, Rachel, author Lara Zeises, and I would love to see you at our panel discussion on Gutsy Girls in YA lit!


Melissa Walker said...

What if the light people see while they're dying . . . was a girl?

WOW. What a concept. Sounds like a great party, Liz! Thanks for taking us there!

holly cupala said...

That looked like so much fun! Thank you, Liz, for capturing it for us.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Very cool concept!

Thanks, Liz. I can't wait to hear about NCTE!

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