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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bumpaholics and Martha Brockenbrough

Martha Brockenbrough

Did you all hear the buzz our media specialist Martha Brockenbrough is getting about her bumpology? She's talking about bumpaholics over at Women's Health:

"The Belly-Rubbing High

Thanks to the influx of feel-good hormones and fawning from friends, family, and perfect strangers, having a baby can make you feel like a superstar. The problem: for some women, wanting to recapture that adoration pushes them to procreate again...and again.

Read the whole article by clicking here. How often do you think teen girls are lured into pregnancy hoping for an idealized baby experience only to discover the reality of motherhood? What a perfect discussion for our book Kendra! So what do you think?

And way to go, Martha!

~the divas and postergirlz


Martha Brockenbrough said...

Hey, thanks! It was very interesting researching this story--our bodies definitely push us toward pregnancy. And, while this didn't make the story, people want sex more when they're likely to conceive. It's a real double-whammy for teens experimenting on the edge, and why I think all kids need a PLAN for their sex lives, just like they plan their work, school and social lives. If teens can't talk about sex, they shouldn't have it.

Little Willow said...

Martha: Congratulations on the coverage your piece is receiving.

I have known girls who had kids very early for various reasons, one of which was because they wanted someone to love them, and/or because they had helped raise their younger siblings and then felt an absence when those siblings grew up.

The Obsessive Reader said...

This article was very interesting. I think everyone at least has the thought people will fawn all over my belly. People love the attention and especially when your body is humongous and it seems like your always wanting to eat everything in site. I don't think its a good enough reason but it is a positive of being pregnant. Its a little sad that teens feel like they can just get pregnant and its not going to be a big thing but that isn't the case just as the article says. Kids cost money. When your young your trying to build your life and worrying about yourself and your future. When you get pregnant you come second. All your dreams go on hold in most cases. Getting pregnant is always a wonderful thing but it can be an even better thing when you are at the right time and circumstances in your life.

Melissa Walker said...

Such a fascinating topic and piece, Martha! I've seen it mentioned everywhere, and rightly so.

I wonder if teenagers are especially vulnerable to the lure of the bump because they often crave attention so intensely.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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