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Friday, February 6, 2009

Teen Writers, Get Published!

I saw this announcement on The Story Siren's blog, and thought some readergirlz (and writergirlz?) would like to know...

Real girls. Real experiences. Real life.

The Series

This new nonfiction series for teens from HCI Books is a collection of single-author books written by current teenagers (ages 13-19). Taking a cue from teen reality favorites like Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul and the classic diary Go Ask Alice, these memoirs will give teen writers with important stories to tell a voice.

Some say that truth is more interesting than fiction, and that’s what this teen series will demonstrate. Each book in the series will present one girl’s personal experience through her own eyes, and each story will focus on the author’s personal journey. That journey might be anything from realizing something important about oneself to being faced with a seemingly insurmountable life challenge and getting through to the other side. At their core, books will be about change, growth, self-discovery, and identity.

How It Works

Authors will work closely with the editorial director to figure out the scope of the book and the story and create an outline for the book. Using existing writing, such as journal or blog entries, is fine, and in many cases, the writing may stem from journal entries from the authors.

Once the outline is complete, each author will complete and deliver a first draft to the editorial director, who’ll then work closely with the author to edit and get the manuscript ready for delivery to the publisher.

How to Apply

Interested writers should email editorial director Deborah Reber with the following information:

A description of what your nonfiction story would be about...in your description, please give a sense of the overall theme of the story and details regarding the personal journey you want to share with the world. Are you writing about a specific event and the affect it had on your life? Or is your focus an emotional journey or change over time? Put yourself in the readers' shoes...what would they take away from your story? Write as much about your story as you like.

1-2 writing samples that demonstrate your style, tone and writing ability. You can submit nonfiction essays, journal entries, or fiction pieces, but please, no poetry. Send your best stuff!

A couple of sentences describing the role writing plays in your life.

* Send submissions and application materials to deborah AT deborahreber.com.*


Each author will receive a flat fee for the writing of her book, as well as complimentary copies of her book.

About the Editorial Director

Deborah Reber is an author of books for teens and tweens, including Chill: Stress-Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, Peaceful You, In Their Shoes: Extraordinary Women Describe Their Amazing Careers, and the teen series from Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, The Real Deal. To find out how to apply, email Debbie at deborah AT deborahreber.com.

This reminds me a little of Red: The Book (though RED is a collection of essays and these are single-author books). RED is now out in paperback (and is completely awesome!).


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