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Saturday, February 21, 2009

One week left! Be the YABC Teen Book Reviewer!

YABC Searches for Their Next Teen Book Reviewer

From Kimberly at Young Adult Books Central -

Looking for the Next YABC Teen Demi-God or Demi-Goddess

So, some of you might be wondering what the heck happened with the YABC Teen Demi-God or Goddess search that usually kicks off in December? Well, I thought we'd do something a bit different this year. Rather than the official teen reviewer of YABC being a yearly position, I'd like to make it a more permanent fixture. Kind of.

Basically, whoever applies and is accepted for the official YABC Teen Reviewer Demi-God or Demi-Goddess spot is the Demi-God or Demi-Goddess until they either a) quit (for some unknown reason (I guess snail mail life sometimes takes precedence, huh?), b) or are no longer a teen (i.e. they turn twenty), or c) I have to ask them to step down (like if things aren't working out for some unknown reason...which hopefully won't ever happen!).

So...would YOU like to be the next Official YABC Teen Reviewer?

Here are the requirements:

* Be between the ages of 13 and 19
* Be able to contribute at least one (but preferably more) reviews a month to YABC http://www.yabookscentral.com/
* Be able & willing to check your YABC email inbox at least once a week
* (Optional) Interview authors

You get...

* Your bio on the website
* Bragging rights :-)
* A YABC email address
* The opportunity to learn about the latest books & authors
* As many free books as you can review and possibly some other "swag" as well

If you are interested, email kim@yabookscentral.com with the following:

* Your name
* Your age
* Why you want to be the next Official YABC Teen Reviewer
* Why you think *you* would be the best candidate for the job
* How many reviews you think you can do a month
* A sample review (can be one you posted previously on YABC)

Applications are due at the end of February.

Good luck, everyone!

Thanks Little Willow for the tip!


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