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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

rgz HOST "Better Late Than Never" FORSAKEN Special Edition!

Apologies for the delay, rgz readers - August was a flurry! Without further ado:
You've read her cover story, now here's a shot of author LIsa M. Stasse celebrating her spanking-new novel, THE FORSAKEN!

The event: SCIBA Summer Tea Party
Date: July 22, 2012
The location: Mrs. Nelson's Toy and Book Shop  in La Verne, CA (an awesome indie bookstore that hosts tons of great events)
The details: A really fun gathering of some authors and independent booksellers!
The authors: Lisa M. Stasse (THE FORSAKEN)--that's Lisa, signing above!, Lissa Price (STARTERS), Bethanie Murguia (ZOE GETS READY), Elana Arnold (SACRED), and Scott Speer (IMMORTAL CITY). Scott also directed the recent dance movie STEP UP: REVOLUTION and his girlfriend Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical fame was kind enough to come to the event and listen to all us authors talk about our books.
The pics: The first photo is one of me signing a copy of THE FORSAKEN. The next photo is one of us authors onstage presenting our books. Lissa Price is in the center, and I'm to her left in the photo.
It was a really fun time, with lots of treats (lemonade and finger sandwiches) and books galore! :)

Thanks, Lisa! We're excited to keep the FORSAKEN buzz humming along!


Melissa Walker said...

What a great group!

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