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Friday, May 20, 2011

Rgz Street Team: Sarah Reviews OyMG by Amy Fellner Dominy

The rgz Street Team is a group of teens who bring YA reviews to our blog, led by Postergirl Miss Erin. Find out more.

Today, Sarah reviews OyMG by Amy Fellner Dominy:

"OyMG was such a funny book. Every single page made me crack up and laugh so much. The characters were so realistic and well developed that I couldn't help loving the story. Ellie was full of energy and spirit. I loved the determination that she had to get what she wanted. Devon was so sweet and I adore him. I loved the attraction between Devon and Ellie. Zeydeh made me laugh a lot and I loved the strength and optimism that he had.

"The plot of this book is more complex then just a Jewish girl going to a Christian camp. It has a lot of depth about religion and choosing between what is right and what isn't..."

See Sarah's full review of this book on Sarah's Random Musings.


Melissa Walker said...

I love the sound of Amy's book!

Anonymous said...
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